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Über uns
Naivasha Children Foundation
Design: Diane Leppert
Welcome to Naivasha Children Foundation

Official figures estimate that there are currently at least 40.000 children living on the streets of Kenia. NGO’s believe that there are many more! With the annual rise in children having to live of the streets rising by 10%. Orphans dominate these streets and many more are just abandoned by their parents to beg or steal for them.

Unfortunately we are not able to help all these children, but we would love to commit ourselves to the children we can help.

Naivasha is a city in Kenia, north-west of Nairobi. In Naivasha a shelter is situated, that helps these children by giving them a home and education; The Navaisha Children Shelter.

This shelter is depending on gifts and self support products. The Naivasha Children Foundation supports this shelter.

Of all the funds raised, 100% is returned to the Shelter